No Insurance Drug Rehab

One of the mistakes that people that need drug and alcohol rehab sometimes make is that they don’t realize that no insurance drug rehab services do in fact exist. There are many ways to get free drug rehab or affordable drug rehab but people do not know how to go about looking for it. I started this site specifically to talk about how to find drug rehab with no insurance and that is the topic of this article.

The first thing that you need to realize is that there are several different types of free drug rehab that you may want to look into. Once you are aware of the different ways that you can get drug and alcohol rehab for free or very little money then you can decide on which choice is the right one for you. Naturally, the best option is having insurance and going to a drug rehab center that takes your insurance. But, and this is the paradox of the situation, most of the addicts and alcoholics who need drug treatment the most, do not have insurance or certainly can not afford to pay for rehab out of pocket.

So, as I have talked about on Free Drug Rehab Centers before there are several options. The first is to attend a state funded drug rehab or government funded drug treatment center. Many states in the United States, such as Washington, allow the citizens of their state to go to the state rehabilitation center free of charge. Now, many other states offer more limited addiction rehabilitation benefits. For instance, some states give preference to certain populations such as single mothers on drugs, pregnant alcoholics and addicts, military veterans with drug and alcohol problems and members of certain groups such as those who are HIV positive. The reason for this is that many states are facing budget crunches and they do not have the resources to allow everyone to attend drug rehab for free. The best way to find out what drug rehab benefits your state offers is to look on your state’s .gov website under health and drug rehabilitation services.

Another option is to look into a charitable drug rehab facility. For instance, the Salvation Army helps homeless people with drug problems, unemployed addicts, and other alcoholics and addicts who need help but can’t afford rehab. Many people have criticized the Salvation Army for forcing alcoholics and addicts to abide by their program (which is Christian-based). However, seeing as they are offering drug rehab for free, it can be tough to complain. Many people have used their no-cost drug treatment approach to get clean and sober and turn their lives around.

The other option for no insurance drug rehab is to contact the drug treatment facilities in your area and talk to intake about scholarships or hardship opportunities. As I have written about here before, many for-profit drug rehab centers essentially become free drug rehab centers in particular cases. These rehabs will let addicts and alcoholics attend free of charge in order to get the tax write off and to help an addict in need. The reason that this works is mainly due to the charity of the owners and operators of the drug rehab center who were once living in active addiction themselves. Many of them want to pay back the community and they will allow people to come to their drug rehab for free regardless of whether or not they have insurance.

As you can see, there are options for finding drug addiction treatment without insurance. You are not necessary going to be hit over the head with an opportunity to get to go to a luxury drug rehab free, but that doesn’t mean that you can not find a good option to get the drug treatment that you need. The important thing is that you assume a proactive attitude and be willing to scout out the deals and show some initiative. And, remember that no matter how bad life in active addiction can be, with drug treatment people can and do turn their lives around.

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Free Drug Rehab Centers

There are options available to people who need help from free drug rehab centers. The problem is that free drug rehabs do not typically have advertising budgets to let the people who need their addiction services know about their programs. For this reason, we tend to sometimes not know where to turn when times get tough. But, do not lose hope, there is help out there.

Finding free drug rehab will depend on the state and area of the country that you live. In some states, such as the state of Washington, social services provides free drug rehabilitation services to any person in need. However, in other states there are no organized state funded drug rehabs that are free to the populace. In these states there is typically a block funding which is doled out by state organizations on a need basis.

In order to find out what drug rehab services are offered from your state, you are going to have to do some research. Like I said, benefits vary drastically from state to state, so your best option is to search online for your state’s website and see what they offer.

If you discover that you live in a state that does not offer free rehab to the populace, do not despair. There are still options. In many states organizations like the Salvation Army offer need based drug rehab and addiction counseling services. Now, at a Salvation Army rehab you will not be living in luxury, but the fact is that thousands of people have gotten clean and sober over the years at these types of drug treatment facilities. They may not be pretty but they work.

In other instances, certain groups can get aid from state organizations for drug addiction. If you are a single mother with dependent children there may be some services in your state specifically for you. The same is true for pregnant women and individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS.

If that doesn’t fit you, there is still another option. Many private drug rehabs are owned and operated by drug addicts and alcoholics. Just because these people have gotten clean and sober does not mean that they have turned a deaf ear to their fellow addicts in need. Many times these rehabs, which usually operate for profit, will open their doors to individuals without ability to pay and they will write off the expense as a charitable contribution. You would be surprised at how often this happens.

I personally got free rehab services when I was unable to pay more than eleven years ago. In mind case, I knew a counselor who worked at the rehab and he went to the same AA meeting that I was going to. He arranged an interview with the owner to make certain that I was serious about getting clean and sober and not just looking for a place to crash for a month. When he was convinced that I meant business he said I could do 28 days and he would write off the charge on his taxes.

This is common procedure at many rehabs. They are in the business of saving lives and I know another private addiction treatment center that claims to never send anyone away for not being able to pay. To find these types of situations you are going to have to look around and check out your options. In most major cities there are dozens of drug rehab centers that you can contact to see if they might be able to work something out with you. You might be surprised at what you find if you are willing to look.

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Free Drug Rehab Programs

Finding free drug rehab programs can be challenging. But, the good news is that it is not impossible. I’d like to take a moment to talk about the ultimate program for recovery from addiction and that is the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous also known as AA. The thing about AA is that it is a free program. You do not have to pay anything to be a meeting and most AA meetings will give you a free big book if you are a newcomer. For the struggling addict who doesn’t have money or insurance to go to a private residential drug rehab, AA can be a life saver.

I know of many individuals who were down on their luck because of drugs and alcohol who came to AA to find help. Many of them did not go to a drug rehab center at all. They simply decided that they wanted to make a change in their life and came to the AA club everyday for several hours a day. I know that we usually talk about free drug rehab centers that are inpatient but I also want people to realize that you do not always need to go away to rehab in order to get clean and sober.

However, there are some instances where an individual simply must go to a no cost drug rehab center or they are going to die. You may think that I am exaggerating but I have literally observed such cases. In these instances it is critical that the person get into a drug treatment center. The problem of course is that most drug rehab facilities are businesses in the mode of making money for their owners. However, there are a couple of options for people who need care.

The first thing to realize is that nearly all drug rehab centers in North America were started by people who are addicts themselves. And for most the reason that they started their rehab was to help people not to make money. Therefore, many rehabs will offer scholarships and free drug treatment to people who are in a time of hardship. If you are willing to check out your local rehab centers you might be surprised at the options that they have for you.

The other option is state funded drug rehabs. In many states in the United States tax payers fund drug rehab centers for low income individuals who are unable to pay. These services vary wildly from state to state so you are going to have to check to see what is offered in your state.

I always like to point out that even when times look dark, you should never ever give up. I was once in your situation and needed help for cocaine addiction and had no money and nowhere to turn. In my case, I found a person through the local AA that worked at a rehab in Dallas and he got me an interview for a hardship case at that rehab. I think it saved my life, but the thing is that I never gave up hope, because I knew that things were going to get better and I was not going to die as a using addict. There is hope if you refuse to give up!

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No Cost Drug Rehab Centers

It is getting harder and harder to find no cost drug rehab centers. But the good news is that there are still many free services for addicts, alcoholics and people who need help with drug addiction. At Free Drug Rehab Centers Blog it is our goal to provide information for people struggling in North America and help them find the help that they deserve. Ideally, everyone would be able to afford drug treatment and be able to enter recovery in comfort. But this is not reality and it is getting tougher by the year for addicts to find help.

Now, if you have insurance (even if you do not have any money) you will have more options for private residential drug rehab centers. If you have no insurance and no money then your options are more limited. Depending on the state that you live in, you have a decent chance of finding a spot in one of the state funded drug rehabs. But not every state fully funds these programs and other states are dependent on block grants to provide drug rehabilitation services to their citizens.

The first thing you need to do is check online and see what options for free drug rehab centers that there are in the state that you live. As there are no federally funded drug rehabs, this will vary from state to state. You will also need to see what circumstances your personal situation falls into. For instance, if you are a veteran of the US Armed Services you can typically find Vet Drug Treatment through the Veteran’s Administration. Also, if you are a pregnant woman, suffer from HIV/AIDS, or have minor dependent children you may get priority service.

The fact is that not everyone will meet this qualifications. At this point, your next best option for drug treatment is through private charity. For instance, many private drug treatment centers will offer scholarships to in-need individuals and in some cases you may be able to attend one of these rehabs because they typically give free admission each year as a charitable write off. Your best bet to is begin searching out affordable drug rehabs in your area and contacting them to see what they might be able to do for you in your situation.

Remember, that in many cases, finding treatment for your drug addiction is just about knowing where to go to get help. Most free drug rehab centers do not have advertising budgets and it can be hard for addicts to even find out about them. And since these services vary from city to city, you need to be willing to do a little bit of searching. It can be difficult but, in most cases, there are services available out there.

No matter what, do not give up. The ultimate predictor of success when dealing with addicts and alcoholics is their ability to tolerate adversity and overcome it. If you are able to simply do the next right thing you will be surprised how doors will open up for you.

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State Funded Drug Rehabs

It can be very, very tough to get good drug rehabilitation care if you have no money and no insurance. However, it is not impossible, so I am here to tell you that there is no reason to lose hope. One good option in these cases are state funded drug rehabs. Let’s look at how to go about getting help at a state funded drug rehab center.

The first thing that you have to realize is that state rehab services are not going to be luxurious. No, they probably will not be very pretty to look at all. Of course, this will vary depending upon the state in which you live. At a state funded rehab, and remember that many free drug rehab centers are state funded, there will be some obstacles to getting clean and sober. The first issue is that not everyone at the rehab center is going to be interested in getting clean. Many of the people will be homeless men and women who, lacking a better place to go, have found refuge in a free drug rehab facility. But, remember, if you are ready to get clean and make a change in your life, this should not pose a serious threat to your determination.

That said, if you have medical insurance, you probably would do best to avoid a state rehab, especially if you live in a state with a high percentage of poverty. Now, the other thing about getting addiction help from the state is that the services will vary from state to state. Some states, like Washington state, provide full free drug rehab benefits to the citizens of the state. If you live in Washington you can get information about their state-funded drug rehabilitation program at this website. In other states services will vary.

But there is another good website that has a lot of information about no cost drug rehab services across the United States. You can check out this website here. And it has a lot of good resources.

Now, certain populations will get better access to free alcohol and drug rehab services. For instance, in many states where there is a waiting list, pregnant women and people with HIV/AIDS get placed at the head of the list. Other groups which may be granted expedited preference are single mothers with dependent children. This will depend upon the state that you live in.

More areas are starting to cut back back on state funded drug rehabs because of the economy. But, there are still a lot of options for drug addicts and alcoholics who need help. The best thing to do is to look for the specific state that you live in and check online to see what benefits are available to you.

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